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this is a fox news >> this is a fox news alert. i'm any geraldo rivera reporting. as florida state university is playing duke tonight, for a shot at the national championship, with florida state leading by 17-0 at halftime. controversy continues to swirl around fsu's star quarterback, jamus winston. that's the mentality we created. it's easier we are hungry. it's not like all, man two game as way.
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let's get. >> we discovered that this leading candidate for the heisman trophy, symbolic, will not be charged with the rape that allegedly happened a year ago. here is prosecutor and fsu alumni, willie mays. >> we have carefully examined all of the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against, anyone in this case. >> according to the alleged rape victim's statement, given to the tallahassee police, she was drinking hef leap with friend at a local hangout called potbelly's. at potbelly's the co-ed meets several fsu athletes and winston who was at the bar. i got this point wrong in my initial reporting last night on ole ry. winston was at potbelly's. although at the time the co-ed did not know who he was. she tells cops, next thing i know i was in the back of a taxi with a random guy i have never met. in fact, according to the
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report, there were three men in the cab. besides the driver. the cab takes them to an apartment, where the alleged assault begins. i kept telling him to stop. he took all my clothes off. he started having sex with me. the police report adds, she was telling the suspect to stop. but he did not. she further stated that she was trying to kick the suspect off of her. but was unable to. the suspect also pinned the victim's arms down. she continues. and then his roommate came in and toll him to stop. but he moved us to the bathroom. because that door locked. afterward i laid on his bed. and heap put my clothes on. and we went outside and got on his scooter. the alleged victim deskroobz how after the assault, the suspect drops her near her dorm. item. after frankly seeking out her girlfriend. the co-ed almost immediately files this report was it rape or
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sex. the report mentions areas of suspected bruising on the victim's knees, forearms, and feet. and several brutzs begin to appear on the victim. and, aside from generalized muscle aches and varnlgal tenderness, the sexual assault, nurse, notes redness on the victim's knees and the top of her left foot. she noted brown bruises on her left knee and right elbow. a month later on campus, the victim recognizes her alleged assailant as jamis winston. sheaf contacts police. her attorney claims investigating detective warns her the victim and her family that tallahassee was a big football town and the victim need to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable. it is only in early november after espn and others report that dna found on the alleged victim belongs to the florida state star quarterback that the
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state attorney really begins his investigation. it is 11 long months after the fact. >> after reviewing all of the evidence in the case we, did not feel we could meet that burden. therefore we do not file charges. if we do not feel like we have sufficient evidence to make the charge. >> as fsu fights for the national title, the alleged victim drops out of school. while some women's groups are outraged. fsu football fans are predictably delighted by this result. >> personally it is excellent news. because i am a huge jamis winston supporter and fan. i am super excited. i knew all along. but it means we are going to within a national championship. that's great. >> although as far as i know he has never spoken to cops or prosecutors, jamis winston through attorneys maintains his innocent and says that any sex was consensual. his attorney joins us live from tallahassee. mr. januaryson, appreciate you coming on. welcome. how would you feel if, given the
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allegation allegatio allegations malfeasance on part of the cops that a prosecutor be burdened to review the facts and circumstances of this case? >> well, garldo mreshgts say this. first i think you have selectively picked out facts that are controverted and in conflict with 300 paiges of reports. documents and witness statements. i don't think they needed an independent investigator or independent prosecutor. the police department in this case -- a pristine blood dna urine sample taken within hours of the event. we are thankful it was. the samples taken go to the favor and benefit of mr. winston. >> hold on. mr. jansen. tim. it shows, as i read the documents. aside from the injuries.
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that the co-ed sustained according to the rape nurse and the investigators questioning her that she wuls add .04 alcohol, they surmised she was drunk. had tested one point, which is over the drunk driving level. he was drunk, banged around. what if there, what if it was your daughter? >> that's not true. that's extrapolation discarded. in florida, you can physically, lawfully shhot a gun at .10. the big key thing in this whole case, geraldo. she couldn't remember. first said she got hit on the head. then someone gave her drinks. they suspected ghb or within our two hour test there was no druggen her system.
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the top expert. ran for 172 different drugs. zero in her system. the injuries are not susceptible by a rape victim. bruising on the knees are consistent with what witnesses in the affidavits have deskrebd. selectively pick some of these things. you have to put it altogether. >> sit in unusual forly cull cops not to inform the local prosecutor. that there are allegations of this sort in the case. has that ever happened. >> i can tell you the victim doesn't want to proceed. the case has most evidence whatsoever. they lack evidence. the witness or the victim, not in this case, we don't have the victim. what we have is a complainant. not really a vick tichlt until a jury says she is a victim. or until some one plead guilty.
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she made a complaint. look at her cup mrant. >> made a complaint immediately that night. she didn't wait. she didn't know your client was a famous gift. wasn't even famous yet. she did not make a complaint. some body hit her on the head. and a friend made contact to get ahold of her mother. wasn't as if she went to the his department on her own. you have prestige riding on the football and the heisman trophy. isn't there the appearance of hometown justice in this case, tim? >> well, i agree.
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>> well, i agree. and in some communities, you have that. i will tell you, i've been here 20 something years. i've represented lots of athletes in this town. willie megs, the prosecutor, holds athletes to a higher standard than any prosecutor i know. i've represented many athletes where they charged and we've gotten 15-minute not guilties. he is not one of those i'm an athlete, i'm going to turn it away. he is not that prosecutor. you may disagree with the tone of his press conference. >> they were laughing, making a big joke about it. he is an fsualumni undergrad, fsu law school grad and joking about this woman who has been raped and dropped out of school. and then was harassed by people. you know, tim, i want to give you a fair chance to respond. let me take a quick commercial break, ladies and gentlemen. tim jansen, former federal prosecutor, highly regarded, jameis winston's attorney. he gets his shot after this. later, let me tell you about the rest of the show.
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great pastor, pastor rick warren is here to talk about the tragic suicide of his adult son. we'll talk to pastor warren about that and investigate the death of "fast and furious" actor paul walker after this.
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no winners, absolutely not. if a crime was committed, we want justice for the victim in this circum no winners, absolutely not. if a crime was committed, we want justice for the victim in this circumstance, but the winner is the weight being lifted. that's what the success is, a decision has been made and we all get to move forward. >> relieved florida state student talking about thursday's decision by the prosecutor willie megs not to press charges against the star quarterback, jameis winston, playing right now against duke. they are leading 17-0. it's in the third quarter. it appears likely or could possibly happen, fsu does prevail, then they will play for the national championship. the stakes in this case were enormous. we're continuing with the quarterback winston's attorney,
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tim jansen. now, tim, is patricia carroll, the attorney for the purported victim in this case, lying when she says that tallahassee detective told the victim and her family that her life would be ruined if she pressed this case? >> i'm not going to speak to that. i don't know what the tallahassee police told miss carroll. all i know is this. it's my understanding, after reviewing the facts in the case and this report, they talked to miss carroll. they didn't speak to the victim and basically expressed to her, as they do in all sex cases, what a complainant will have to go through. >> that it was a big football team -- big football town, you know. it seems like an awful lot of pressure was exerted. here is the real question. because there was some evidence of violence, why wouldn't this
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prosecutor present this case to a grand jury, tim jansen? >> it's 300 pages of documents. i have been on this case over a year. i know what the witnesses have said, i've seen the credibility and multiple statements that this complainant gave that was just not -- it was conflicted so many times, so many places that the marginal evidence that was in her favor was so outweighed by inconsistencies and direct controversies that couldn't be explained. she couldn't explain how many different statements she gave about being incoherent, who was there. she said one guy came in and told him to stop. this is the same person that gave the affidavit, basically acknowledging she kicked him out of the room. those affidavits you've ignored completely, which i don't understand. >> whoa have heard, tim jansen, we have heard that there is videotape, that one of those two other players who was with jameis winston that night had a video camera. i'm sure you have heard it.
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>> that is incorrect. >> is that true? >> that is incorrect. he gave an interview and indicated he was going to videotape it. the girl got up, shut the door and he deleted the recording. i have never seen a recording. thateled certainly be in our favor if we had a recording, geraldo. >> isn't the recording the only thing that separates this case -- this young man seems everything i hear, he seems like a fine fellow and he certainly is the best player of college football in america today, which makes these stakes so enormous. but it just seems to me that with all of these questions, particularly because it is this young man and it is so fraught with the possibility of tampering from outside forces that you would want somebody neutral rather than, you know, alumni and boosters and tallahassee where fsu is
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located, the state capital there, to have them to do this case just smacks to so many people, tim. and i want to give you the last word. >> let me say this. i hear you keep saying this. one thing i want to say, this is a 19-year-old man. he was not even charged. these charges are easy to make, very difficult to defend. no one is above the law, no one is below the law. the evidence was independently reviewed. another law enforcement agency looked at it. an experienced prosecutor, who served seven terms in this community -- he is not a booster to florida state. as you know, geraldo, i'm not a florida state booster. i went to the university of florida. this, to me, was a case about 1 the law and the facts. you can have your own opinion but you can't have your own facts. and the facts in this case -- >> tim jansen --
10:18 pm
>> thank you. >> i got you. particularly, when i'm sure you would rather be at this stadium watching your client win the acc championship, i appreciate you coming on, tonight of all nights. thank you very much. >> thank you, geraldo. >> thank you for your services as a federal prosecutor, during those days. we'll have reaction to mr. jansen's interview from a panel of survivors and experts after this.
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>> you're going to have bruises or something going on. >> every time this happens it makes it that much harder for the woman who is sexually assaulted to come >> you're going to have bruises or something going on. >> every time this happens it makes it that much harder for the woman who is sexually assaulted to come forward.
10:22 pm
>> those are callers to the local station. obviously, you heard in the tone, favoring the accused, jameis winston, the probable heisman trophy winning quarterback for florida state. florida state incidentally playing duke for the acc championship and a shot at the national title. fsu is up 24-0. we have an expert panel, wonderful panel now to debate how hometown authorities handled rape allegations against the fsu where the back, heisman candidate jameis winston. both wendy and mark are good friends. former texas prosecutor wendy murphy. rape survivor katie costner. >> it's actually katie kessner. >> thank you. founder of take back the night and rape survivor jessica brown. your reaction to attorney tim jansen's interview. wendy, how did you see it? >> look, did he not tell the truth consistently at all. and i think it was pretty shocking, frankly, to hear him misstate such important evidence.
10:23 pm
let me say one simple thing. i've been doing this work for decades. when someone reports that a serious crime happened and there is no motive to lie, which apparently everybody agrees is true here -- there's no motive for the victim to lie -- and she reports it right away and the perpetrator takes the fifth, i would say already we've got a big thumb on the scale in favor of the victim. what we also have here, as you pointed out -- you also pointed out very emphatically, as well you should, when it's a big football school or division i or ivy league school, you have to be extra deferential to the victim. why? it happens more at those schools and disproportionately by athletes and we know 5% of victims report. the ones that do come forward we have to be particularly deferential. she is a human being, a citizen in this country. she has a right to be believed unless and until you have a reason not to.
10:24 pm
when he takes fifth and she tells what happened you don't dismiss that out of hand. this happens everywhere. all the big schools have tight bonds politically, financial and otherwise in terms of who works there. the prosecutors, the cops. >> can i get in here? >> no, it's important. >> they're both important. >> first of all, i agree that victims should give extraordinary attention to what they have to say. she may have been raped. let's make that very clear. that being said, the system is not about the truth. it never has been. it never will be. it's about what prosecutors can prove. it's the highest burden under the law, proof beyond a reasonable doubt. when you have a victim who,
10:25 pm
according to investigators, memory is broken and there's no objective evidence to conclude why it was, a .04 was what it was -- >> she was drunk, let's just agree, mark, she was drunk. >> geraldo -- >> driving under the influence if she was driving in a car. >> you are correct. >> and she was bruised up. shouldn't it have gone to a grand jury? why not a grand jury in. >> the evidence was equally consistent with what his version was, which was this was consensual sex. >> he took the fifth! >> i didn't interrupt you, wendy. >> yeah, you did, three times. >> you went on for about four minutes. every defendant is instructed to keep their mouths shut because that's their constitutional right. he did nothing wrong by pleading the fifth. the burden is exclusively on the state. >> you didn't say that. you said he said it was consensual. he took the fifth and it was different. >> the lawyer said it was consensual. now jessica and katie --
10:26 pm
>> katie. >> sorry. >> i only have 45 seconds before the segment expires. i want to give you plenty of time to tell us your experience and whether or not what you have been hearing as we describe what happened to this young lady ring s of sorry and terrorist note of recollection in your own minds and how women get past the fact that men can rally their pals to stand behind them and support their statements. we'll have much more with our panel, particularly the victims and then the pastor, rick warren, will talk to us about how he healed himself from his son's suicide and we will be investigating the "fast and furious" death of paul walker. hi-ya! and i tried a baking class. one weekend can make all the difference.
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i'm mary ann rafferty. an american war eteran detained in north korea for more than a month gets merrill newman is back home in and was on his way home when officials took him off the plane. north korea released him after showing video of newman reportedly apologizing for alleged hostile acts. 72 years since the bombing of pearl harbor. 50 survivors attended a ceremony in hawaii saturday to remember the 2,400 people who died. a moment of silence marked the
10:31 pm
minute the bombing began. the surprise attack by the japanese stunned the united states. the following day, the president franklin deroosevelt made his cl to arms. now back to "geraldo at large." were you surprised winston was not indicted for rape? >> i kept hearing little things coming out of florida, oh, my god, how could this happen? this dpie is going to win the heisman award. he is the leader of this team and this team is going to be ranked number one to go into the big super bowl, collegiate super bowl. i had a feeling it just wasn't going to happen. didn't surprise me that it didn't. >> so, you feared that because of his position and his importance -- >> i think that helped him. naturally, nobody was there to see this.
10:32 pm
who knows what it was, but i just have a feeling he had that going for him. and good for him. i don't know. >> that's the one and only regis philbin, the star of the fox 1 sports show "the crowd goes wild." this is a fox news alert as florida state plays duke for the acc championship, they're leading now, what is it, 31-0. 31-0. florida state appears certain to play the acc. they may go against ohio state, tied now ohio state is with michigan. debating how hometown authorities in tallahassee, florida, handled the rape allegations against the star quarterback jameis winston. former prosecutor college professor wendy murphy. now let's get to the rape survivors. katie kessner and jessica of the pandora's project. it's her word against his.
10:33 pm
she seemed to do everything right. the worst thing she did, though, is get drunk and get in the cab with those guys. isn't that a big part of the problem, that too many women are using getting into situations where men can do things with them? >> that's an interesting way to phrase it, geraldo. we all make risky choices, whether it's leaving our car unlocked or going out and getting drunk. my bad choice, some would argue, is having a guy back to my room when i was 18. it doesn't give someone the right to take advantage of someone else when they're down. and that may have been what happened here. and it's what happens a lot.
10:34 pm
and what i think we need to focus on is what can we do to inspire everyone to really take when they take risky choices or choices that aren't necessarily in their best safety. how can we empower men with lots of power to make good choices themselves? >> jessica, i am sure, as i am sitting here, that they videotape this had incident. you remember steubenville, ohio, where the star athletes -- nice boys, by all accounts, were revealed as rapists when someone with the social media tweeted it or put it on facebook. absent that documentary evidence, though, isn't it almost impossible to get a rape conviction when it's her word against his, even with a media reporting, jessica? >> it is very difficult to get a rape conviction. and it turns -- it ends up being a he said, she said.
10:35 pm
and in this case, it sounds like it's a he, he, she said because it sounds like there are two witnesses who said that they walked in and saw what appeared to be consensual sex. in my opinion, though, it's a shame that a jury was not given the opportunity to decide whether or not these were two credible witnesses. >> the witnesses were two pals and fellow athletes. i totally discount their testimony. and, you know, the fact that they gave testimony and the reported suspect, the quarterback, did not, i think, is outrageous. >> and they lied, geraldo. >> go ahead. >> they lied, geraldo. if you read their statements they lied. one statement said that they looked in on the sex act and before it happened, they saw --
10:36 pm
one of his buddies said i saw them each removing the other one's clothes. in another statement to police they said they each took their own clothes off. one of the guys said i went into the room because i was doing a surprise and then he lied and said in another statement, oh, no, i went in to see if i could have sex with her, too. they're not just his buddies. they lied. they lied. >> final thoughts, mark eiglarsh? >> the bottom line is that prosecutors evaluated the case and determined because of the evidence itself, the lack of evidence, the conflicts of the evidence, they could not carry their burden of proof. for to us second guess it -- >> no, it's an american duty. he's a politician. it's our duty. >> when you look at all of
10:37 pm
the -- >> i did. >> -- reports suggesting that this woman was banged up. she didn't bang herself up. >> geraldo, it's a not guilty -- it's a five-minute not guilty. >> she was drugged. i'm telling you, she was drugged. >> hold it. >> you can't prove it. >> i can prove it. >> stop. wendy and mark, stop. jessica brown, do you have some advice to the women listening? >> to the women listening, who may be faced with a situation to report, it's very important to report sexual assault regardless of the outcome of the case. and to the women listening, you can report sexual assault without it going to court. it's important to have your voice heard and to add your voices to the voices that have gone before so that we have accurate statistics about sexual assault so that the resources will be available. >> got to leave it there. jessica, thank you. katie, thank you. wendy and mark, thank you. always a pleasure. coming up next, america's favorite pastor, rick warren, joins us, after this. the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare.
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church, he is one of the most prominent evangelical pastors but he and his wife, kay, needed some ministering themselves this year when his son, matthew, took his own life. it is with my condolences. >> thank you. >> and my delight that i welcome you. >> thank you for the note. appreciate that. to everybody who watches the show, thank you for all the prayers and condolences. we felt very loved. it's something you get through. you don't get over. i have actually cried every day since matthew cried but it's actually a good thing because i get it out. men, we're not very good at grief. we have to stuff it. we stuff it in. that's like shaking up a coke bottle. it's going to come out sideways if you don't deal with it. grief is the way we get through the transitions of life. and. >> and so when you go through that kind of trauma and you minister to your own flock there, what do you go through? aside from the deep sadness, you
10:42 pm
wonder what could i have done differently? >> actually, i watched my own life and observed my grief kind of third person in six months and remember how elizabeth kubler-ross used to talk about four stages of death and dying? i think there are six stages of grief. there's shock, sorrow, struggle, surrender -- one called sanctification, and service. the hard one is number three, the struggle. that's the why. why me? why now? why this? everybody asks why. but the bottom line is explanation is never comfort. if my wife were to drop dead tomorrow and i knew the reason why, it wouldn't make it any less painful. the typical thing we do when we go through a tragedy is try to figure out why. there's two problems with that. number one, you're not going to know. on this side of heaven, we're not going to know. the real issue is when you don't
10:43 pm
get an answer, you move to stage four, which i call surrender. i remember writing in my journal i would rather walk with god and have his comfort and not know the answers than have all the answers and not walk with god. when matthew died, he struggled with mental illness his entire life, 27 years. he was born struggling with it. had a very difficult pregnancy and i didn't even know if she was going to live through it. he had a very tender heart and a very tortured mind. i remember -- he was quite bright. we started him in seventh grade and he lasted two weeks in junior high and the principal brought us in and said matthew isn't going to make it junior high where you change classes every period but you could take him out of school and he would still be smarter than most of the kid heers.
10:44 pm
in sixth grade he tested as a sophomore in college, in english lit. so, very, very smart. one of the things, what i'm trying to do now is teach people is that your illness is not your identity and your chemistry is not your character. he had a very tortured mind but he was a very wonderful child. >> so you never questioned your faith? >> no, i questioned the timing. i questioned -- i never questioned god. i know god is a good god. i know god is a real god. i know god is a loving god. i do question his plan sometimes. it's kind of like my kids. my kids have never questioned do i have a dad. they know they have a father. my kids have never questioned, does my dad love me? they know i love them. they have questioned my wisdom. am i making the right decision? do i know what i'm doing? and i think it's normal. when you have a crisis -- you have two options. you can walkway from god or walk toward god. probably about half as many do either one. you've seen in the disasters we've been together in, katrina, hurricanes, typhoons, wars, the ones we've covered together, as
10:45 pm
many people walkway from god in pain as many people walk toward, i've decided it's smarter to walk toward him, because that's where the comfort is. >> and what about the loss, less than just two days ago of nelson mandela, do you reflect on that? >> one of the great statesman of the 20th century, right there along gandhi and churchill and others. he was a man of peace. he was a man of reconciliation. the lessons we learned from mandela would be, first of all, leaders absorb the pain. this is an important point. when you're in a conflict and you hit me, then i hit you. you hit me and i hit you and pretty soon we're both blind, eye for an eye, that old saying. at some point in a crisis, one side has to say, okay, you got the last shot.
10:46 pm
i'm not going to get even. when mandela was elected, he could have gotten even. he now had the power. he could have retaliated. he could have gotten revenge. he could have done all kinds of the things to the people who did him evil, all those years he was in prison, things like that. but he didn't. and great leaders absorb the pain. and they stop fixing the blame and start fixing the problem. that's an important thing. >> you look great. >> thanks. i'm working on it. i actually looked greater before matthew died. >> did you gain weight? >> when we start this had program called the daniel plan, i made a commitment to lose 90 pounds. all my members, i said, i've only gained two or three pounds a year but i've been your pastor 30 years. >> the daniel plan, pastor rick warren mentioned.
10:47 pm
it's 40 days to a healthy life. it's a biblical based -- >> yeah. >> diet plan. you author it, along with dr. mark. thank you for your patience. >> we all know we need to eat better and exercise to get healthy. that will fix our biology. how do we change our behavior? science has shown us we are better together. people change in community. >> in a group? >> in a group. the key to changing behavior is getting help from your friends. like the beatles song, little help from your friends. we got to do this plan with the healthy curriculum through the church where 12,000 people lost a quarter million pounds. >> in one year. >> in a year. they did it together and those who did it together lost twice as much weight as those who did it alone. eating real food, getting off the junk, moving more. the connection to build a better life. >> it really is a solution to health care crisis. ta's not going to happen from government policy but communities changing how they live and doing it together.
10:48 pm
>> i say ask not what your government can do for your health. ask what you can do for yourself for your health. i don't expect the government to make me healthy. they can't make me healthy. >> they can't make their own shop healthy. but i honor you and i recommend wholeheartedly the daniel plan. 40 days to a healthier life. dr. mark hyman and my friend. good to see you. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. how did "fast and furious" actor paul walker and his friend, both experienced race car drivers, lose control in that fatal car crash? probe after this. check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one.
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do you think you'll start filming soon, the movie. >> ready to roll? >> i can't think about anything
10:52 pm
but the loss of a loved one. >> i think maybe they should finish making this next movie and >> i think they should finish making this next movie and call it quits after that in respect to him. >> paul walker was once confided one of this great regrets in life was that he still had not hit 200 miles per hour on the highway. maybe he did trying. here's craig. >> raising over $1 billion, the fast and furious film franchise propelled paul walker to stardom and thepd popularize a subculture of illegal street racers and super charged beasts. life imitated art when walker left a charity event north of hollywood, california at the always evolving race shop he
10:53 pm
co-owned. lost control of the 605 horsepower porsche gt on this stretch of road. there is debris everywhere. burned remains. glass. and the son of the driver was sitting next to me. he was talking to himself. he said, that's weird, my dad, dad was in a red car. my friend kneeled down. told him, what that his dad was in the car. and the son just broke down. tried to run up. run up to the car. being held back. >> could have reached it as much as triple digit speeds going through here. >> we asked dennis machio, an instructor for the race school to investigate the final moments leading up to the crash that killed the beloved actor and his experienced driver. >> i would have to assume in that car that they could have reached as much as triple digit speed going through here. >> using especially designed cars on a afternoon at poconos
10:54 pm
speed way, he demonstrates the likely scenario leading up to the fiery crash. >> either they went in too fast or too early. these are cars that simulate your angles. slip angles. it happened at really high speeds. but done at a relative safe level. the driver of the vehicle is -- he has driven before. been in races before. should be experienced in handling the high powered cars. >> well, i can't speak for his level of experience. but just seeing the tapes and -- having knowledge of similar situations that happened. being caught in an environment that is not controlled for speed. not having safety equipment on. being in a car that is not necessarily designed to be that fast on the street. it all contributed perhaps, perhaps to the situation.
10:55 pm
>> nun known as hercules hoarde the four laneeroad entices drivers to push their powerful cars to the limit. but this is a car that is designed for speed. set up for speed. set up for going fast. >> he instructs amatures and prose how to handle loss of control which on street has much graver consequences. the emt people there in second. anticipated to happen on a racetrack. >> ran around. jumped in cars. grabbed fire extinguishers. like myself. immediately went to the vehicle. it was engulfed in flames. there was nothing.
10:56 pm
they were trapped. >> comedian and car junkie, jay leno, driving a porsche gt similar to the one in which paul walker perished. lost control on a racetrack designed for speed. >> right below crashing. >> when will you when you are below crashing. >> right before i crash. >> an astonishing, 190 miles an hour. leno spun out gheg a turn. behind the track, the careening porsche to spin five times before safely coming to a stop. overestimating their abilities in the car. >> made a good attempt to catch the car. but got called out when that didn't work. and, they essentially made a small, potentially small incident to a much larger one as a result. >> so, with the knowledge that he had. the steering, the oversteering,
10:57 pm
demonstrated with, your vehicles, do you think he could have overcompensated. >> quite likely. >> or attempted to correct the car beyond the point of no return. >> sunday, friends, fans, race enthusiasts will gather at the crash site which is a memorial for paul walker and his good friend. they died doing what they loved. but race inntructors like dennis machio warn to save the speed for the track. thank you for watching everybody. f
10:58 pm
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